Sligo Traveller family feature on ‘RTE Investigates’ programme

A local Sligo traveller representative says last night’s RTE programme featuring members of the travelling community from Sligo highlights the pain and misery they have been subjected to for decades.

The RTE Investigate programme ‘Living on the Fringes’ featured the Ward family from Glenview halting site on Ash Lane.

There had been suggestions earlier this year that the Glenview site would be refurbished but the Ward family said they would move out if another family, the McGinleys, moved in.

The McGinleys have been living in the local authority Connaughton Road car park in Sligo for the past 30 years.

Bernard Sweeney says the programme showed what Travellers are going through.

Meanwhile Mr Sweeney says Travellers have been subject to evictions for decades similar to that highlighted in Roscommon recently.

He says cases such as the forceful removal of a family from their home in Strokestown last week are common in the Traveller community but do not receive near as much attention.