Pro-life movement feels ‘hurt by government, betrayed by FG politicians’

A leading member of the pro-life campaign in Sligo says a lot of people are very hurt by the current government and feel betrayed by Fine Gael politicians.

But Tommy Banks says he wouldn’t condone the recent graffiti attack on the office of a Sligo/Leitrim Fine Gael Dail deputy.

Prominent Sligo pro-life campaigner Tommy Banks was speaking to Ocean FM News in reaction to the recent scrawling of slogans on the wall of the John Street office of Deputy Tony McLoughlin.

Among the messages written on the wall were ‘Fine Gael baby killers.’

Tommy Banks says he would not condone such action, but he felt there were questions certain politicians should ask themselves.

Recently, the Catholic bishop of Elphin says the fight against abortion must continue.

Bishop Kevin Doran says any law that suggests life is not deserving of protection has ‘no moral force’ and has to be resisted.

However, Tommy Banks says he does not foresee further attacks on politicians’ offices.

But he says many people, including spiritual leaders such bishops, are now condemned as soon as they open their mouths about abortion.