1,400 waiting on outpatient appointments at SUH

The number of patients waiting on an outpatient appointment at Sligo University Hospital has increased by 1,400 since the start of year.

The National Treatment Purchase Fund have today published the waiting list numbers to the end of November.

The number of patients on an outpatient waiting list at Sligo University Hospital at the end of November was almost 13,800.

This figure has increased by almost 1,400 since the start of year.

Just over 1,400 of these have been waiting 18 months or more for an appointment.

Meanwhile, there were 2,792 waiting on an inpatient procedures at the end of last month – a reduction of 377 people since the beginning of 2018.

Just over 300 people have been waiting longer than 18 months for a procedure.

Meanwhile, there were just over 15,500 on outpatient waiting list in Letterkenny University Hospital and 1,782 inpatient or day cases.

The National Association of General Practitioners says outpatient waiting lists have been reduced because patients are struck off if they don’t respond in time.

The HSE routinely writes to people on waiting lists to see if they still need to be seen.

Chairman of the NAGP Dr Andrew Jordan explains what happens if they don’t respond fast enough.