Dwyer wins legal action over the use of mobile phone data

Graham Dwyer has won his legal action over the use of mobile phone data during his trial.

The former architect was convicted three years ago for the murder of childcare worker Elaine O’Hara.

Mobile phone data formed a huge part of Graham Dwyer’s trial – which was one of the most high profile cases ever held in the State.

This data showed Dwyer’s movements at certain times and his communications with other phones.

But he argued this data should never have been allowed to be used in this trial as it breached his right to privacy.

This afternoon, the High Court has ruled that Irish laws – which allow for mobile phone data to be retained and accessed – breaches EU law – meaning Dwyer has won this stage of his legal battle.

This ruling will now form part of his appeal against his conviction for Elaine O’Hara’s murder.

A date for that appeal hasn’t been set yet.

Dwyer wasn’t in court for the 2 and a half hour ruling but his father was.