Sligo murder trial collapses at Central Criminal Court

The trial of a man accused of murdering musician Martin ‘Matt’ Kivlehan at his home in Sligo town in August 2015 has collapsed.

Keith Brady from Cartron Estate in Sligo admitted killing him but raised the defence of provocation and pleaded NOT guilty to murder.

Following a ten-day trial, the jurors were sent out to begin their deliberations yesterday and were in no doubt as to who was responsible for Matt Kivlehan’s death.

Keith Brady admitted stabbing him, but denied murder by claiming he “just lost it” after he thought Mr. Kivlehan touched his sister while they were drinking at his apartment.

In murder trials, the defence of provocation involves a complete loss of self-control brought on by the deceased person’s actions.

The controversial defence was discussed on RTÉ’s Prime Time last night.

It didn’t reference this case but Mr. Brady’s barrister successfully applied for a discharge on foot of some of the comments made on the show – which was viewed by five of the jurors who admitted discussing it in their jury room this morning.

This is the second time Mr. Brady has stood trial for Mr. Kivlehan’s alleged murder after his first trial ended with a hung jury last year.