Sligo Chamber defends gift voucher fees

Sligo Chamber of Commerce is defending its decision to lobby the Department of Enterprise on behalf of The Gift Voucher Shop regarding the removal of charges on gift vouchers.

It’s after plans by Minister Heather Humphreys to introduce regulations for gift voucher expiry charges have come to a standstill.

The Enterprise Minister had secured the backing of Cabinet for plans to put in place a minimum five-year expiry date on ‘The Gift Voucher Shop’s One4all cards.

However this will not come into effect ahead of the Christmas shopping period.

The Consumer Association of Ireland has critized Sligo Chamber of Commerce for objecting to the removal of charges, applied to gift cards if they are not used within 12 months.

Speaking on North West Today, Michael Kilcoyne of the Consumers Association says it’s unethical.

Sligo Chamber of Commerce, along with a number of other chambers, has written submissions to the Department of Enterprise lobbing on behalf of The Gift Voucher Shop, asking that the charge remain in place.

Chamber Chief Executive, Aiden Doyle, says there are a number of reasons why he would not support the removal of these fees.