Coveney says there’s no plans for ‘border infrastructure’ but fears of ‘hard’ Brexit persist

An anti-Brexit cross-border campaign group fears a hard Brexit could be on the way.

That’s despite various assurances that all efforts would be made to ensure a hard border — in effect, a border with strict restrictions and controls between the republic and the six counties — will not be implemented.

Most people believe border restrictions on the island of Ireland came about as a result of the Troubles.

But Damian McGenity, of Border Communities Against Brexit, points out there were border controls before that.

He told Ocean FM News what his group now fears because of Brexit:

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney says plans are not being made for what he called the ‘return of infrastructure’ along the border.

Mr Coveney was speaking to journalists as he attended a Brexit workshop in Letterkenny, Co Donegal today.

His comments were echoed by Education Minister and Donegal Deputy Joe McHugh: