Taoiseach says there will need to be a demand and people to staff a cath lab in Sligo

The Taoiseach says that if a new special heart treatment laboratory is to be set up in Sligo, there will have to be a required demand for it and the people to staff it.

Leo Varadkar was responding to questions from Ocean FM News during his visit to Sligo when about €4.5m was announced for four projects in counties Sligo and Donegal under the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund.

Cardiologist at Sligo University Hospital Donal Murray has said that over the past 16 years, the HSE has spent eight times the amount it would cost to build a new cath lab by transferring patients to other hospitals for the service.

But despite a strong campaign for a fixed cath lab to be established in Sligo, the Taoiseach says certain criteria will have to be met.