Storm funding — Donegal has already got large allocation

Donegal County Council has said it already received a large allocation in connection with severe weather damage.

In a statement Donegal County Council told Ocean FM News that while the Department did consider Donegal in the recent round of €18 million funding, it recognised that Donegal had been in early and were in possession of a large allocation.

The statement said this allocation has a level of flexibility if required and sought, and an unspent value in millions that is far greater than any separated monies that could have been allocated under the €18 million heading.

The council said while there was no application process in place with the Department, about two thirds of the councils who applied for severe weather damage had done so in relation to Storm Emma which left much of the south and southeast snowed in.

However, Donegal County Council said Storm Emma did not have any severe effect in Donegal. Also that the council already sought €141,500 in extra costs for the response and clean up for the sever weather in February and March and have already been paid.

Regarding the flooding response monies, Donegal made an application for €15 million in response to the severe flooding in 2017.

On foot of that the Department paid all the council’s associated costs in 2017 in full and provided an allocation of €10 million to Donegal in 2018 which is being drawn down as the repairs are completed. It is expected that some further monies will be required in 2019 under this heading.