HSE has spent more than 8 times the price of a new Cath Lab sending patients to other hospitals/facilities

The HSE has spent eight times the amount it would have cost to build a new Cardio Cath lab in Sligo over the past 16 years by transferring patients to other hospitals.

Sligo cardiologist Donal Murray says transferring patients and the amount spent on a temporary facilities in Sligo could be better spent.

He says a lack of ‘political clout’ over the years has affected health services in the North West.

Consultant Cardiologist at Sligo University Hospital Dr. Donal Murray said the hospital is unable to fill the position of a second cardiologist due to the lack of a catheterisation lab.

He says while the lab would cost in the region of €2 million to develop at the hospital, the HSE spends over €1 million a year on a visiting cath lab and sending patients to Dublin and Galway hospitals for cardiac procedures:

He believes areas with strong political influence are fairing better in terms of medical development.

While the hospital in Waterford has managed to get a second cath lab developed, he says people in Sligo are suffering due to the lack of political sway: