Call for fund to survey and cut overgrown trees and bushes along roads

A Sligo councillor is calling for a national fund to be set up do do a survey of dangerous roadside trees and hedges.

Fianna Fail Councillor Seamus Kilgannon says the fund might also help alleviate the cost of cutting and trimming trees and hedges.

It’s a problem that’s becoming more obvious as the number of storms seem to be on the increase.

Sligo Fianna Fail Councillor Keith Henry, who’s a teacher, told a meeting of the council how he had to change route three times during one storm in his effort to get to his school because of fallen trees and branches.

He says some trees planted by forestry companies should not be allowed so near public roads.

He also says some of these trees are not deep-rooted and fall easily.

Another Fianna Fail councillor, Paul Taylor, says some school bus drivers are also having problems on their routes with overgrown trees and hedges.

Meanwhile, Sligo councillors have agreed with the motion from Councillor Kilgannon calling on the ministers for Local Government or Transport to set up the national fund.

Cllr Kilgannon says they don’t want to see someone getting injured or killed: