Former Mayor of Sligo says County Councils can never replace urban authorties

The Labour Party leader says the party made a mistake when backing a proposal to abolish Town Councils when in government in 2013.

Brendan Howlin made the admission after putting forward a bill in the Dail this week to restore these urban authorities.

He outlined on North West Today how he made a mistake when backing this bill in the past:

However, Brendan Howlin says he does not want to restore the Town Councils in the same format:

Former Mayor of Sligo Veronica Cawley says that it’s unrealistic to expect County Councils to have the same impact that Town Councils had in the past.

The former Labour Party Councillor also feels that the required savings expected form the removal of Town councils has not materialised:

She says it’s people on the ground who have suffered most as a result of the abolition of Town Councils in 2013: