Factories crippling farmers by slashing lamb prices while supermarket prices increase

Kevin Comiskey, Chairperson of the Leitrim IFA Sheep Committee and the Vice-Chairman of the IFA National Sheep Committee

A Leitrim IFA member says the price farmers are getting for lamb will put sheep farmers in Leitrim out of business.

Vice Chairperson of the IFA’s sheep committee Kevin Comiskey says prices being paid to farmers are down 40%.

That’s despite the price in supermarkets being up about 34%.

He has written to the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed on the matter. In his letter he outlined in details the price differences emerging in the last few months:

In May, the price of lamb being sold to the supermarket was 9.56 per kilo. This was then sold to the consumer at a price of 14.49 per kilo. This was a 34% margin increase. 
In September lamb was being sold to the supermarket at 9.85 per kilo, and sold onto the consumer at 14.49 per kilo. This reflects a 32% margin increase. 
However, the primary producer over this period has taken a €1.70 per kilo cut in price which reflects a 40% decrease.’ 

Mr. Comiskey told the Minister in his letter that this is happening on a yearly basis and needs to be addressed urgently. He’s been speaking to Claire Mulcahy: