Casey or Gallagher look likely to get the backing of Sligo County Council

Sligo Councillors have proposed Sean Gallagher and Peter Casey as possible candidates they will endorse for President.

A motion by Independent Councillor Michael Clarke to be considered at a special meeting later this month calls for Peter Casey to be endorsed in the race for the Aras while Fianna Fail in Sligo have a motion down for the same meeting calling for Sean Gallagher to get the Council’s support.

It follows a special meeting held at Sligo County Council earlier where 6 potential candiates and Sean Gallagher made presentations.

Sean Gallagher is the only one that now has a nomination having already secured the backing of the required 4 Council but he told Ocean FM News he will continue to go around to the Councils he promised he would attend.

Claire Mulcahy went down to Sligo County Council at Riverside earlier and heard some of what the candidates had to say: