Sligo RNLI save two teenagers

Sligo RNLI saved two teenagers yesterday.

A 13 and 15 year old from Germany were rescued by Sligo RNLI yesterday afternoon after they got caught up in a riptide with the swell reaching 2 metres high.

The two boys were bodyboarding when they got into trouble and instead of panicking, called the coastguard for help.

The coastguard helicopter dropped a smoke flare near them so the lifeboat could easily identify their location.

They were checked by medical professionals when they were returned to shore and were not injured in the incident.

Faye Godsell lifeboat crewmember said ‘They made the right decision to fight their instinct to stay where they were and call for help.’

This is the 36th time this year RNLI Sligo have been called out.