DIY stores review use of popular ‘Roundup’ weedkiller

B-and-Q says it’s reviewing all of its garden products following a lawsuit in the US.

A man with terminal cancer successfully sued manufacturer Monsanto, which makes the weedkillers Roundup and Ranger Pro.

The firm’s been ordered to pay more than 253-million euros to the school groundsman, who claims it contributed to his illness.

Homebase has already announced it’s reviewing its range of weedkiller products.

Meanwhile, Homebase is reviewing the sale of the world’s most popular weedkiller following a court ruling in the US.

Makers Monsanto have been ordered to pay € 253 million euro in compensation after a jury backed Dewayne Johnson’s claim that it contributed to his terminal cancer.

The company’s Vice President Scott Partridge insists Roundup isn’t dangerous: