Donegal is the second luckiest county for winning the lotto

When it comes to winning the lotto, Co. Donegal is the 2nd luckiest county in Ireland.

The ‘Luckiest Lotto Counties’ have been compiled by the National Lottery using the 2016 CSO census.

The top 3 are Louth, Donegal and Mayo with Laois taking the title of unluckiest county.

It shows that Donegal has 5.65 jackpot winners per 10,000 people with there being 90 winners overall totalling more than €116m in the 30 years the lotto is running.

Sligo and Leitrim it appears are not so fortunate, coming in 11th and 21st respectively making Leitrim one of the unluckiest counties.

Sligo has 23 jackpot winners totalling over €34m while Leitrim has had 9 totalling over €24.5m, meaning the North West has seen 122 jackpot winners bringing the total winnings to around €175m.