Sligo Council : Motorists disobeying signs at Wine Street car park

A county council in the region has voiced its disappointment at what it says is an increasing trend by motorists of failing to obey road signs at road works.

Sligo County Council is highlighting the trend after vehicles continued to enter the Wine Street Car Park in Sligo Town where works are taking place, despite a sign saying access was prohibited.

The council says motorists entered the car park after 3pm yesterday, despite signs having been erected saying access was prohibited after that time.

The prohibition was to facilitate works that were taking place there.

A council statement to Ocean FM News says it is most unfortunate that this was the case.

But the council says it is not surprising, based on its experience.

It added that in recent years, there is an increasing trend of motorists failing to obey road signs, particularly at temporary road works.

And it says this is very much reflected in the report on driver behaviour released by the AA earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Phase One of the Wine Street Car park resurfacingt works is now completed.

Phase Two of the work will continue this evening until 9 o’clock tomorrow (Wed) morning.

The project includes investment of almost €100,000 in what are the first significant surfacing works in the car park in almost 20 years.

Public lighting and drainage are also being improved.

Also, parking spaces are being enlarged, there will be wider vehicle circulation areas and there will be a pedestrian route through the car park from Johnston’s Court towards Wine Street.