Tributes paid to retiring Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin

The Minister for European Affairs is leading Fine Gael party tributes to retiring TD Tony McLoughlin today.

Tony McLoughlin was first elected to the Council in Sligo in 1974 and has been successfully returned at every election since.

He’s served as Mayor of Sligo 4 times and Chairperson of the County County twice.

He has served in Leinster House since 2011.

Tony McLoughlin said in his statement yesterday the support at the ballot box at all of those elections has been the highlight of his career.

Today his party colleagues have been paying tribute led by Minister for European Affairs Helen McEntee who spoke on North West Today earlier:

Senator Frank Feighan says Tony McLoughlin had his own unique personable way of doing business:

Sligo Councillor Sinead Maguire says she doesn’t know if his 40 years of service will be as common in the future of politics:

As mentioned there, a key bill that Tony McLoughlin was successful in having passed through the Dail and Seanad was the fracking bill which ensures no fracking on the island of Ireland.

Eddie Mitchell of the Love Leitrim campaign has paid tribute to Tony McLoughlin today as well saying it’s an issue that many others did not want to tackle: