Leitrim man’s application to oppose Referendum result before the High Court

A Leitrim resident is one of those whose application to challenge the result of the recent abortion referendum will come before the courts today.

The High Court is due to hear separate applications this morning from three people seeking to challenge the result of last month’s referendum.

Last month, the people of Ireland voted emphatically for the eight amendment of the constitution to be repealed.

But three Irish citizens are seeking to challenge the result through the courts.

Charles Byrne, a musician with an address in Drogheda claims hundreds of students in NUI Galway weren’t properly registered.

Joanna Jordan of Upper Gleanageary Road in Dún Laoghaire claims thousands of Irish citizens were paid to return to vote.

And Ciarán Tracey, a retired public servant from Leitrim Village, claims an alleged omission from the State’s info campaign affected the outcome.

There isn’t an automatic right to have such challenges heard in the High Court. For one to be allowed, the applicant must prove there is evidence that the issues being complained about materially affected the result. Those arguments will be put forward later this morning.