Stones and Bones Episodes 1-12


Stones and Bones is a 12 part archeology series that tells the story of 12 significant excavation sites across the North West of Ireland. The series covers dates from the Neolithic to late 20th Century and visits sites from Ballinafad Castle to Innishmurray Island. With contributions from members if ITSLIGO’s Archaeology team, faculty from NUIG and scholars in the field. Join presenters Barbara-Rose Sanwo and Harry Keaney as they unearth the stories behind the North West’s hidden gems.

Episode 1 : N4 Excavation

Join us for the very first program of Stones and Bones, presenter Harry Keaney joins members from Transport Infrastructure Ireland as they uncover antiquities from Ardloy/Springfield during the preparations for the new stretch of the N4.

Episode 2 : Knoxpark

Listen back to this podcast of Stones and Bones, Knoxpark. Presented by Harry Keaney, he is joined by historian and author Martin Timoney and Eamon P. Kelly who is the former Keeper of the Irish Antiquities division at the National Museum of Ireland, and an expert on identifying Viking sites.

Episode 3 : Moygara Castle 
n this episode of Stones and Bones, the feature focuses on the excavation of the Moygara Castle by members of the Archaeology team at ITSLIGO.

Episode 4: Innismurray

In this podcast of Stones and Bones, this series visits the shores of Innishmurray Island. This ancient monastic site was inhabited by settlers right up until 1957 until the Island was evacuated.The program is presented by Barbara-Rose Sanwo and contributed to by author Joe McGowan and Archaeologist Gerry O’Sullivan.

Episode 5: Knocknarea & Carrowmore 
Travel to the ‘ritualistic landscape’ of the Coolera Peninsula as coined by Dr.Stefan Bergh! Carrrowmore and Knocknarea are two sites which can found in this archeologically rich region in the North Sligo. The program is contributed to by Author Padraig Meehan and Robert Hensey, archaeologist and author who specializes in the investigation of the Neolithic.

Episode 6: Kilteashin
In this podcast of Stones and Bones we travel to the rare Bishop’s Castle site in Kilteashin Co.Roscommon. The excavation of the site uncovered some astonishing finds.

Episode 7: Middens
Middens can be found right across Ireland, up and down the breathtakingly beautiful Wild Atlantic Coast, but what happens when these sites are in Danger?

Episode 8: Maugheraboy 
The excavation of the N4 Sligo inner relief road during the summer of 2003 unearthed some remarkable finds dating settlement of the region upto 6,000 years ago.

Episode 9: Cashelore Fort
Stone ringforts dot Ireland’s countryside and the northwest is no exception, but what is the story behind them and what was their function to those that built them? This podcast of Stones and Bones visits the site of Cashelore Stone Fort in County Sligo. The feature is guided by Zooarchaeologist Fiona Beglane and archaeologist Chris Read from ITSLIGO.

 Episode 10: Carrowkeel

In this program of Stones and Bones, we visit the site of Carrowkeel. The feature is presented by Harry Keaney and contributed to by Archaeologist Sam Moore from ITSLIGO. Listen to learn all about the fascinating history behind this Neolithic cemetery located in South Sligo.

Episode 11: Ballinafad Castle

Follow the journey of the Castle of the Curlews! Ballinafad Castle believed to be built in 1590, had a turbulent history and a troubled history due to it’s strategic location that controlled the Red Earl’s Road through the Curlew Mountains between south Connaught, north Connaght and west Ulster. It was built during the nine years war (1592-1601) by Captain John St Barbe on land granted to him by King James I.

This program is contributed to Dr. Ciaran O’Connor and Dr. Shirley Markley.

Episode 12 : Mullaghfarna
This program of Stones and Bones travel’s to Mullaghfarna. Uncover the secrets behind a group of stones huts situated on the eastern edge of the plateau of Doonaveeragh.