When I grow Up Ep 1 -12

When I Grow Up is a 12 part series that focuses on 12 very different career paths. The series introduces the careers paths of each vocation leading from choices in third-level to  different positions available in each.

Episode 1 – I want to be a Garda! 

Episode 2 – I want to be an electrician!

Learn about the highly competitive ESB Network technician apprenticeship scheme, alternative careers in the trade and life on the site.

Episode 3 – I want to be a nurse!

Episode 4 – I want to be a doctor!

This feature includes interviews with a G.P, medical student, hospital consultant and a doctor who worked on the frontline offering relief medicine for the charity Doctors Without Borders.

Episode 5 – I want to be a footballer! 

Hear from ex-player and soccer pundit Alan Cawley, Sligo Rovers head coach Dave Robertson and Irish league players. They speak about their experience with a life on the pitch.

Episode 6 – I want to be a pilot! 

Soar into the skies of Sligo in this Pilot special of When I Grow Up. The feature focuses on what it takes to become a pilot.

Episode 7 – I want to be a farmer!

Episode 8 – I want to be in the rescue services!

This program brings you to the front line to those who risk their lives every day for their jobs. Mountain rescue pilots, paramedics, and firemen share their stories and career paths.

Episode 9

In this program of When I grow up, the feature focuses on the highly varied career path of an entrepreneur. Hear about the highs, the lows, the rewards and challenges associated setting up your own business enterprise.