Call for more vets for the north west

Getting more young vets for the North West region is a key part to keeping vital services in the region.

That’s according to Seamus Cummins, the Animal Welfare Chairperson with the IFA in Sligo.

He was part of a delegation that recently attended a meeting at the Department of Agriculture with the Chairman of the latest review on the future of the Regional Vet Labs around the country.

It had been proposed that Sligo, Limerick and Kilkenny labs should be closed.

But Seamus Cummins and his counterparts in those counties say that the labs can be better used and they should not be closed.

He says getting more young people into veterinary is another key point.

He spoke to me in the last few days following that meeting and he says recommendations on the future of the labs should be known in the next few weeks: