‘The people have spoken’: TDs against Repeal say it is their duty to support abortion legislation

The three Sligo Leitrim TDs who were against Repealing the 8th Amendment say they will fully support the legislation that will now be brought forward to legalise abortion.

Cabinet will discuss the timeline for new abortion laws today and Health Minister Simon Harris will introduce legislation before the summer recess that could be passed by the end of the year.

Sligo Leitrim followed the national trend of a YES vote in Friday’s referendum with 59% supporting Repeal but the two Fianna Fail TDs Marc MacSharry and Eamon Scanlon and Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin were all against Repealing the Amendment.

Asked if they would have difficulty supporting this legislation based on their own personal view this was their response to Ocean FM News:

They were responding to comments by Yes campaigner and Independent Councillor in Sligo Declan Bree that they were ‘out of touch’ with their constituents.

This was their response in full to Claire Mulcahy yesterday:

Tony McLoughlin, FG TD Sligo Leitrim:

Marc MacSharry, FF TD Sligo Leitrim:

Eamon Scanlon, FF TD Sligo Leitrim: