A resounding YES for Sligo Leitrim

The final tally for Sligo Leitrim shows a resounding YES vote of 59% in favour of Repeal with a 41% NO vote.

Harry Keaney reports now from the count centre at the Clayton Hotel in Sligo:

One of the leaders of the No campaign in SLigo/Leitrim says there has been a sea change in the country.

Sheila Quinlan, of Love Both, says she is saddened and disappointed:

The extent of the Yes vote has taken most people by surprise.

And many of those on the No side point out it was not only young people but also older voters who voted in favour of repeal.

Sligo has voted by a clear majority of YES while the south Donegal and west Cavan boxes are now being tallied.

Leitrim Councillor Mary Bohan was one of those campaigning for a No vote. While she says she surprised by the support for the Yes side she says this is democracy at work and people have had their say: