Council hears reports nearly 40 mattresses dumped on a farm near Dromahair

A Leitrim Councillor says she has had reports of 30 to 40 mattresses dumped at a farm near Dromahair.

Fianna Fail Councillor Mary Bohan made the comments at a meeting of Leitrim County Council today during a discussion on the issue raised by Fine Gael Councillor Sean McDermott.

He said that many furniture stores are refusing to take back mattresses from people buying a new one forcing people to bring it to recycling centres.

Leitrim Council Council confirmed there is a recycling facility for mattresses in place for domestic users but not for commercial purposes.

But the Council warned today that the dumping of mattresses is becoming such an issue that specific regulation is likely to come on stream soon.

Cllr. McDermott said it’s a huge problem: