Call for action as patients being ‘warehoused’ in Emergency Departments

One listener to Ocean FM this week recalled how he had to spend 45 hours on a trolley last week at Sligo University Hospital before being sent home. The listener said the reality of the ‘trolley figures’ is grim with people waiting in a cold corridor and many cannot get a bed unless the case is very urgent.

This listener was too ill to speak to us on the programme this morning but the head of the ED in Sligo, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Fergal Hickey said his story like many others is ‘unacceptable’ and one that the government needs to face up to. He told Claire Mulcahy today that at least 40 extra beds are needed in Sligo, the problems have not improved since last year and people need to call strongly on their politicians and government to take action on a problem in our emergency deparments which is leading to delayed diagnoses and ultimately loss of life.