Leitrim Development Company say they fully recompensed traveller workers

The Leitrim Development Company have said they fully recompensed traveller workers who were underpaid.

The company say they acknowledge that a number of workers were underpaid in 2016, but they have now been given a payrise.

The public services trade union, Forsa, called on the Leitrim Development Company earlier this week to explain why traveller workers were paid less than the minimum wage.

In 2016, traveller workers were paid €5 an hour. The national minimum wage is €9.25 per hour. Forsa say they had tried to co-operate with the company, but they received no reply.

But in statement released by the Leitrim Development Company, they admit that staff working on a Traveller programme in 2016 were underpaid, but they have now been fully recompensed, and they have also been awarded a payrise.

The company have also said that will meet with Forsa representatives to resolve any remaining issues with its workers.