‘I didn’t know where to turn’: Sligo’s Peter Wilcock speaks about his cancer diagnosis and the supports that helped him

The incidence of cancer in Ireland is increasing and by 2020, one in two people will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

That figure has increased from one in three in last year’s figures according to the Irish National Cancer Registry.

Today, on daffodil day, people are urged to find out more about your local cancer supports.

The Sligo Cancer Support Centre is one of those and serves people not only in Sligo but in Leitrim and South Donegal as well.

Claire Mulcahy went down to centre this week to find out more about their services and the people who use them.

Bridget Kerrigan, General Manager of the Centre told me that people come to seek support at all stages of their diagnosis:

Peter Wilcock, a freelance photographer based in Sligo is one of those who has benefited from the men’s support group.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago and he spoke to me this week about how he dealt with his cancer diagnosis:

The centre is holding a major fundraising Gala dinner at the Clayton Hotel in Sligo next Friday (30th of March) and people can still take part by contacting the centre.

It’s being hosted free of charge for the centre by the hotel so that all proceeds go directly back to the Sligo Cancer Support Centre.