Head of the KFO responds to Murrin comments on fishing

The CEO of the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation has described the comments made by a former head of his organisation this week on the Brexit negotiations as ‘misinformed’.

Former CEO of the KFO Joey Murrin hit out at comments made by Theresa May on fishing post Brexit and called on Minister Michael Creed to ‘come clean’ to Irish fishermen on the status of the negotiations.

He also said he was ‘shocked’ at the ‘zero reaction’ of the fishing industry here not only to these comments by Theresa May but also to the loss of thousands of tonnes of mackerel this year.

In response, the current head of the KFO Sean O’Donohue said the Brexit negotiations are a priority for them and developments this week in Europe prove Mr. Murrin’s comments are out of date: