Ireland 2040 launching in Sligo today

As you’ve probably heard by now the government is set to approve the Ireland 2040 document at a special cabinet meeting here at the IT in Sligo this morning.

The document sets out a plan for how we can best live in light of the expected population growth over the next 20 years.

But why is it being launched in Sligo?  Well after some controversy many rural TDs felt there wasn’t enough in the plan for rural Ireland and areas like the North West.

Today, it will be launched here as Sligo and Athlone are expected to be announced as regional growth centres.

And what does that mean?  Well quite frankly we don’t really know yet but what it should mean is that more money will be attracted to this region and that there will be a special effort to attract more people to live and work in the region.

But It’s not all good news, a number of protests are expected at or around the IT this morning; the Save Our Post Office campaign in Easkey will be one of those.

All Ministers and Junior Ministers are expected here this morning and it’s understood the Taoiseach and probably many more of the Ministers stayed in Sligo last night.

The launch is expected to take place just after lunch and you’ll hear it all on Ocean FM today where we’ll be broadcasting live right throughout the day including our Main Lunchtime and Evening News.