Cabinet to discuss plans for future of rural Ireland

The Cabinet’s due to hold a special meeting today on what’s being described as one of the most significant reports in recent times.


The new National Planning Framework is expected to be published in the coming weeks – but is facing strong opposition with claims it will result in a deep economic and social imbalance.


However the Irish Independent reports that the plan has undergone a major re-write to keep rural TD’s happy.


The National Planning Framework aims to help shape local, national and regional planning and investment for the next 20 years.


However a coalition of cross-party TD’s have come together to voice their opposition to a draft version.


They claim it will ‘kill rural Ireland’ and the country is at risk of being walked into an irreversible crisis unless drastic changes are made to it.


The Cabinet will meet later to discuss the plan – which has reportedly undergone a major rewrite to ease tensions – particularly among rural TD’s.