Farmers to appeal Dept’s decision following fires on Killery mountain

Landowners on Killery mountain are to appeal a decision by the department to withhold payments on parts of their land burnt last summer.

The IFA in Leitrim has confirmed that it is working with many of these landowners on the appeals.

The Minister recently confirmed in the Dail that the land was deemed ‘illegally burnt’ following a thorough investigation by the department following fires last May.

Minister English said any land illegally burnt over during the period of the 1st of March to the 31st of August does not qualify for basic payments.

Kevin Comiskey who is Chair of the IFA’s Sheep Committee in Leitrim says it’s totally unfair that the department is withholding these payments when there is no proof these farmers started the fires.

He says nearly all of the landowners are appealing the decision:

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