Council confirms twenty-six people waiting over 3 years for a house in north Leitrim

Leitrim County Council has confirmed that twenty-six households in north Leitrim have been on the social housing waiting list for more than three years.

Director of Services Mary Quinn confirmed there are a number of reasons why people are on the list so long including transfer requests and the type of accommodation needed.

Sinn Fein Councillor Padraig Fallon says the Council is working with limited resources to reduce the more that 150 people on the list in north Leitrim.

He says he has come across a case where someone has been waiting for 8 years for a house.

Councillor Fallon says more funding needs to be provided so the Council can build more houses.

He’s welcoming a review being carried out by March. He spoke to Claire Mulcahy earlier. You can hear the full interview here: