Protest over shortfall in pensions to take place in Dublin tomorrow

The issue of pensioners losing out on State pension entitlements because they had to leave the workforce early is to be discussed by the cabinet tomorrow.

Most of those affected are women, many of them in the north west who left work to care for family members.

A press conference to highlight their case took place in Dublin this morning.

A protest on the issue will take place tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30pm in Dublin.

More than 40,000 pensioners are affected because of changes introduced in 2012.

It means that when there’s an increase in pensions, some pensionsioners get only a percentage of the increase rather than the full rise.

Now, a range of groups, including the Irish Countrywomen’s Association, are looking to have the pension cuts reversed.

Maura McGourty, of Glenfarne, secretary of the Leitrim ICA Federation.

Maura gave one example of how it actually affects people: