Tusla promised a ‘systemic’ review of respite for children in care

The Ombudsman for children says a respite action plan should be available for all children in care.

It’s after its new report which shows a lack of State support for a young woman with Downs Syndrome and Autism.


The Ombudsman’s report due for publication later this morning centres on the Molly case.

Her name has been changed to protect her privacy, after her foster mother complained she couldn’t get adequate support from state agencies.

Ombudsman Niall Muldoon is blaming a lack of coordination between Tusla and the HSE for the failings and wants a respite action plan put in place to stop similar problems in the future.

For its part Tusla is promising a systemic review of the help it offers children in care.

While the HSE says it’ll include them in its performance reviews.