Sligo farmer wins €500,000 in National Lottery’s Daily Million draw

A Sligo farmer proved that patience really is a virtue as he waited for more than six weeks to claim a cool €500,000 he won on the National Lottery’s Daily Million draw.

The lucky farmer who the half-a-million euro top prize on the 9pm Daily Million Plus draw on Monday 27th November 2017 said he wanted to take time to think what he was going to spend his winnings on before he made the claim.

He bought his winning Quick Pick ticket earlier that day at McTiernan’s Daybreak Filling Station in Ballygalwey, Co. Sligo.

Sitting in the National Lottery Winners’ Room he spoke about how he found out this amazing news: “I heard on the news that McTiernan’s had sold the winning ticket the day after the draw so I went in and checked my ticket and it told me to contact the National Lottery. When I cross checked the numbers I knew I more or less had half a million in my back pocket!”

He continued: “I wanted to take my time collecting this as I have family and I wanted to get the best advice on how this windfall can benefit all of us. I decided to wait until the kerfuffle of Christmas had died down before heading down to Dublin to collect the prize. I have only told a couple of my family but over the course of the week I’m looking forward to telling a few more members of the family and my closest friends”.

Daily Million draws take place at both 2pm and 9pm, seven days a week, for just €1 per play. This winner’s lucky numbers for the Daily Million Plus top prize were: 15, 16, 20, 27, 30, 39 and the Bonus was 04.

In 2017, there were six top prizes won across the Daily Million draws with three Daily Million top prizes of €1 million sold in Dublin (2) and Belmullet in Co. Mayo while two other Million Plus prizes of €500,000 were won in Dublin.

After the draw in November the owner of McTiernan’s Filling Station, Antoinette McTiernan, said: “It’s incredible. We are situated in a rural area in Co. Sligo so we would have a lot of local customers who rely on our Post Office, shop and filling station for their day to day essentials… €500,000 would mean a great deal to somebody living in rural Ireland.”