Council says it will re-erect barrier at Connaughton Road carpark

Sligo County Council have said they will re-erect a barrier at Connaughton Road carpark after it was illegally removed.

Travellers, who live in the carpark, removed the barrier at around 7 o clock last night.

The barrier was only erected last month. At the time Council workers were surrounded by Gardai with riot shields.

The extended McGinley family, who have lived in the car park for more than 40 years at the time claimed that they were now being effectively locked in.

They also claimed the barrier was a health hazard and that in the event of an emergency no fire brigade or ambulance would be able to gain access.

After the barrier was illegally removed last night, Sligo County Council made a formal complaint to Gardai. The Council have said the barrier will now be re-erected.