Increase in road deaths in Sligo, drop in Donegal while Leitrim stays the same

Ten people lost their lives on roads in the north west in 2017.

That’s three fewer than the previous year overall according to the figures from the Road Safety Authority.

But the county by county breakdown shows that the number of fatalities rose in Sligo, dropped in Donegal and stayed the same in Leitrim.

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2017 was the safest year on Ireland’s roads since road deaths were first recorded in 1959.

But despite that, 158 people lost their lives as a result of 143 fatal crashes.

In Donegal, there were six deaths on the county’s roads, four fewer than in 2016.

In Sligo, there were three road deaths, one more than the previous year.

And in Leitrim, there was one fatality, the same as 2016.

In Cavan, there were three road deaths in 2017, also the same as the previous year.

Sixty-seven of road deaths last year were drivers, 30 were pedestrians, 26 were passengers and 20 were motor cyclists or their pillion passengers.

There was a decrease in the number of fatalities in all categories except for pedal cyclists, where the number went from 10 in 2016 to 15 last year, an increase of 50%.

Moyagh Murdock, chief executive of the RSA, says Ireland is still a long way off achieving its road safety targets.