Co Leitrim remains the cheapest place in the country to rent

Rents are increasing in the North West counties but Leitrim retains the lowest rent in the country.

New figures from the Residential Tenancies Board show the average rent in Sligo is now just over €660 a month, it €545 a month in Donegal and just over €480 in Leitrim.

A report from the Residential Tenancies Board shows the average rent being paid across the country is now over a thousand euro.

It represents an almost 10 percent increase over the last year and coincides with the publication of homeless figures which show a record high for the numbers in emergency accommodation.

Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal have all seen increases this year compared to last year.

The average rent in Sligo rose from €600 in the third quarter – that is June, July and August – of 2016 to €661 during the same three months this year.

The rents rose by just over €20 in Donegal from €524 to €545 this year.

Leitrim has the lowest rent in the country at €487 and it rose by just ten euro from €477 last year.

These are the average rents for newly registered properties with the Residential Tenancies Board.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that people are paying much higher rents in many parts of the region depending on the type and location of housing available.