Travellers living in Sligo public carpark say new barriers erected are a health hazard

Travellers who live in a public carpark in Sligo Town say new barriers erected this morning are a health risk.

Gardaí armed with riot shields faced travellers during a stand-off this morning.

connaughton-roadSub-contractors working on behalf of Sligo County Council, accompanied by members of the Gardai arrived at the public car-park on Connaghton Road just before 10′ o clock this morning.

There were up to 12 uniformed gardaí, some carrying riot shields, at the carpark for over two hours.

They formed a protective barrier around Sligo county council staff, as they carried out the work.

Also throughout the operation, a Garda Armed Response Unit vehicle was parked outside the car park.

But there was no trouble, and the travellers who spoke to Ocean FM said they felt the whole thing was over the top.

Sligo County Council said it was required to ensure protection of staff carrying out works on its behalf.img_4717

They also said they were simply replacing a height restriction barrier which was unlawfully removed earlier this year.

The travellers who live in the carpark say that they were given no notification from Sligo County Council that the barrier was being erected this morning, and the first they knew that it was happening was when council workers and Gardai arrived just before 10am.

They also say they were given no explanation as to what was happening.

img_4710The travellers say the height restriction barrier now means caravans can no longer get in and out of the carpark.

They also claim that the new barrier is a health hazard. They say if there was a fire, or if someone was to take ill, then the fire or ambulance service cannot now get into the carpark.

A similar barrier was erected in the summer and was later unlawfully removed.