Podcast : The Captain ‘Balance of Error’



A radio sitcom about the overeager captain of an Irish oceanographic research ship, the L.É. Scholar, who will always chose Adventure and What’s Right over whatever boring scientific mission he’s been actually meant to be overseeing. Each week, Brendan Doyle leads his long-suffering crew headfirst into trouble above and below the most perilous reaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Join us them in this podcast for part one.

Episode One: “Balance of Error”
Mission: Chartered by University of Leeds to record vocalisations of fin whales.
What Brendan does instead: While looking for whales, The Scholar comes across a mysterious ghost ship, specifically an abandoned cruise ship. He sends a landing party, led by Marina, over to investigate.
Suddenly the cruise ship is under attack by an American carrier group. It turns out the ship is meant to be sunk by the Americans for both a wargames exercise and to become a new coral reef.
To save his crew members, Brendan puts the Scholar right between them. Mad engineer Holland uses the ship’s acoustic equipment to redirect the torpedoes. Unfortunately the equipment is set to “fin whale” so the local pod get torpedoed. Brendan and the US admiral agree to pretend nothing happened as it would be embarrassing for everyone.