Refurbishment works and not a new garda station the immediate priority in Sligo

Refurbishment works and not a new garda station is the immediate priority in Sligo.

The Public Accounts Committee was told today that a new site for a station in Sligo town is needed, but in the short term remedial works are the preference.

On Monday Gardai Sligo refused to enter their place of work on Pearse Road. Officers are continuing to refuse to enter the station because they say it’s unsafe and overcrowded.
But these claims were played down at the Public Accounts Committe today. Sean Murphy who is a spokesperson for the Office of Public Works said that they do not accept that the station is unsafe, but he did admit some refurbishment works are needed…..

Calls have been made for a new site for a new garda station to be found, but also speaking to the PAC earlier, head of HR in Gardai John Barrett said while he concedes a new station will be needed eventually, currently the priority is remedial works…..