Buncrana inquest hears how vehicles had slipped into water from pier before

The RNLI say they’re aware of three other cars entering the water at Buncrana pier over the last 17 years.

The inquest has heard other vehicles had entered the water at the same spot where five family members died last year.

This morning the inquest heard from John O’Raw, the RNLI diver who was the first to see the car after it sank.

He described how he was unable to open any of the passenger doors underwater, and that the boot door of the car was open when he arrived.

The front driver window was smashed, but some of the laminate glass was floating inside the car.

The inquest heard evidence yesterday that a boy had tried to escape through that window but got caught on something.

The RNLI member also said he was aware of three other similar cases where a vehicle had entered the water at Buncrana pier.

A garda inspector said he was able to open all side doors from inside and out the next day when he examined the car.

The inquest has also heard that different electrics in the car would react differently to water.

A representative of Audi Ireland said the car locking system works without electronics, and said to the best of his knowledge water would not interfere with the locking system

He said security measures involved may have been the cause of the diver not being able to open the doors underwater from outside.

A recommendation from the jury is expected later this afternoon, however it’s not legally binding.