Sligo murder trial hears how Matt Kivlehan died

A Sligo murder trial has heard it could have taken a few minutes for the alleged victim to die from two stab wounds to the neck.

The Deputy State Pathologist was giving evidence in the trial of Keith Brady of Cartron Estate in Sligo who’s accused of murdering a local musician.

CCTV footage of Keith Brady’s movements through Sligo town in the hours before and after the alleged murder was shown to the jury today.
At 9.20 on the evening of Aug 2nd 2015, he can be seen walking towards Holborn Street with his sister Janice.
They can be seen walking in the opposite direction just before 4.20 the following morning.
Martin ‘Matt’ Kivlehan’s body was found in his apartment on Holborn Street a few hours later.

He had been stabbed twice in the neck.
The Deputy State Pathologist Dr. Michael Curtis told the jury the second wound would have resulted in significant blood loss.
He said there was a high level of alcohol in Mr. Kivlehan’s system and it was possible he wouldn’t have been able to defend himself.
He said death would have been rapid but not instant.
Mr. Brady has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but NOT guilty to murder.