Leitrim parents pay least for childcare

Leitrim is one of the least expensive counties when it comes to paying for childcare.

While all of the North West counties are at least €20 euro cheaper per week, Leitrim is €32 cheaper than the national average price of €174 a week.

The figures are contained in Pobal’s latest Early Years Profile developed for the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

Nationally, the cost of a fulltime childcare place has increased by €7 to just over €174 after five years of remaining the same, according to the survey.

People in Leitrim are paying much less though with the average weekly price for fulltime childcare in the county €142, compared to €152 in Donegal and €153.50 in Sligo.

Donegal has the most children enrolled in childcare in the north west region.

It also pays the least per hour to its assistants and has the highest staff turnover.

Over 5500 children are in childcare in Donegal over, 2600 in Sligo and just over 900 in Leitrim.