Another decades-old traditional shop closes in Sligo

Another traditional old shop in Sligo town closed down at the weekend.

The Bus Top, on Lord Edward Street, shut its doors for the last time on Saturday after about 70 years in business.

The shop, which sells newspapers, magazines, grocery items and stationery, was run by Keville Burns.

It was opened by his mother in 1949.

Located beside the bus and train station, it went on to become an institution in Sligo, and was among the last of the traditional corner shops in the town.

Speaking to Ocean FM News on Saturday, Keville admitted his sadness at the closure but also said he had many happy memories from his time in the business.

However, he said the construction of the Mid Block Route, also called the Inner Relief Road, was a major blow to what was a closely-knit community in that area of the town.

Mr Keville also says he hopes Sligo will not become a town of brand names.

The Bus Top was a favourite of children making their way between the nearby bus station and local schools.

However, Mr Burns, speaking to Ocean FM Newes on his last day of business, says both the way of doing business and people’s idea of community are changing, all of which are affecting the independent retailer.