Fresh concerns about school bus routes in the Bunninaden area

There are renewed concerns about the future of some local school bus routes again for next year.

Parents in the south Sligo area have received a letter from the Department of Transport and are holding a public meeting tonight in Bunninaden to discuss the proposed changes for next years school year.

The area campaigned to ensure that the bus routes would stay as they are for this year and pupils going to school in Tubbercurry would still be picked up in Bunninaden but the letter implies that there is a threat to this route again for the 2018/2019 school year.

Other areas around the region are also likely to be getting similar letters in the coming weeks.

It means any pupils going to school in Tubbercurry would be forced to change and go to Ballymote if they want to take the bus.

Otherwise they would have to be dropped a significant distance to join up with the Tubbercurry bus.

Tonight’s meeting with local politicians is taking place in the Bunninaden Community Centre at 9pm

Dermot Gormally is one of the parents organising this meeting and he says they need to keep the pressure on to keep the local bus routes as they are: