Garda drugs head stresses importance of parents and children talking

The head of the Sligo Leitrim Garda Divisional Drugs Unit has stressed the importance of parents talking to their children about drugs.

And he says drugs are now a problem in all areas, not just in cities and towns.

The issue of drugs arose at a Sligo Joint Policing Committee meeting at the Coachhouse Hotel in Ballymote last Friday.

Detective Sergeant Niall Davey says the problem crosses virtually all ages and all areas.

But, speaking to Ocean Fm News after the meeting, he says talking about the issue is crucial, particularly between parents and their children.

Detective Sergeant Davey also says drugs are a problem in all parts of Sligo and Leitrim, not just in cities and towns.

He says a community-based approach is the way they are tackling what is a difficult problem.

He also says they have had success through increased searches and detections, including just in the last week in Ballymote itself, as well as in areas like Gurteen, Geevagh and Enniscrone.

He’s reassuring people that the Gardai are very much focused on all areas of Sligo and Leitrim: