Lissadell owner says Sligo can become the ‘Killarney’ of the North West

The owners of Lissadell House say that Sligo has the potential to become the ‘Killarney’ of the North West.

Constance Cassidy and Eddie Walsh own the historic house at Lissadell which of course is the homeplace of Irish patriot Constance Markievicz and poet WB Yeats was a regular visitor at the house.

Following a legal battle with Sligo County Council over rights of way which the couple won, the house closed for a number of years before reopening in 2014.

It’s now open as a tourist destination and tomorrow Constance Cassidy says a group of tour operators from Dublin, Kerry and Clare are invited to the house to see all that the Sligo area has to offer.

She says at the moment Sligo and its many attractions are simply not on the radar for tour operators who are all heading to Killarney as a priority: